What is Temporomandibular disorders?

Jaw joint disease is a complex problem that affects the system consisting of the chewing muscles, a part of the head and neck muscles, joint ligaments, teeth, cheeks, lips and salivary glands, especially the jaw joint. 

What are the causes of Temporomandibular disorder problems? 

Jaw joint problems have many causes. Foremost among them, 

  • Teeth Clenching (Grinding) 
  • To receive dental treatments that require keeping the mouth open for too long
  • Opening the mouth more than necessary during anesthesia
  • Bad habits such as lip biting, nail biting, finger sucking
  • Factors such as accident, impact, fall, impact that come to the jaw and cause trauma
  • There is an abnormal relationship between the lower and upper teeth.

What are the symptoms of a Temporomandibular disorder problem? 

  • Difficulty opening the mouth, such as restricted opening or jaw locking
  • Noise from the chin while eating
  • Pain and fatigue in the face area
  • Sudden onset of pain in the jaw joint, face and neck muscles
  • Pain and fatigue when chewing or talking
  • Unidirectional sliding of the jaw
  • Pain in teeth and ears
  • Swelling on the face
  • Problems with hearing in the ears, especially tinnitus
  • Headache and dizziness can be counted.
  • Pain and pressure around the eyes

How is Temporomandibular disorder problem diagnosed? 

Detailed examination of the dentist is required to diagnose the jaw joint problem. In addition to examination, detailed imaging methods such as MRI are also used. 

How is the Temporomandibular disorder problem treated? 

The main purpose of treatment in jaw joint problem is to eliminate involuntary problems by regulating the pressure in the jaw joint. If correctly diagnosed, the use of orthopedic appliances (splints) can be controlled by patient training and, if necessary, physical and drug therapy.

What is the Treatment Price for Temporomandibular Disorders?

Since jaw joint treatment is a personalized application, its prices may also vary according to the material and clinic used. You can contact us to learn about our dental implant prices that are the most suitable and economical for you.