Immediate Implants, or implant treatment in 1 day, is one of the methods that significantly shorten the duration of dental implants treatment, which lasts between 6-12 months on average. It is comfortable for both the patient and the dentist. Patients can get their teeth in a short time instead of waiting for months with a toothless appearance.

Why should I choose Immediate Implants?

Immediate Implants are the process where the first stages of dental implant treatment are skipped and direct procedures are started to be performed. It is a safe application that significantly shortens the dental implant treatment process for both the patient and the dentist. However, it should be noted that the speed of this process depends on your good oral and dental health (no infection in your mouth) as well as your dentist.

What is the treatment process of Immediate Implants?

  1. Planning and treatment process: The planning process for dental implants is carried out under the control of a dentist who specializes in oral, maxillofacial and facial diseases. During the evaluation, your dentist will take an X-ray of your mouth and create a model of your existing teeth. This helps them check that you are suitable for the implants and decide exactly where the implants should be placed. At this stage, it is determined whether you are suitable for emergency dental implant. If no problems are detected in the tooth root or gingiva, bone graft control, which is the second stage, is started.
  2. Bone Graft: By looking at the density of your jawbone, it is determined whether you are suitable for dental implant. If your jawbone density is appropriate, you are a suitable candidate for emergency implantation, but if you want to skip this process even if your bone graft is insufficient, you can choose All On Four dental implants, which is another option suitable for you.
  3. Implant Surgery: Dental implant procedure is performed in Dentasay Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic. In this procedure, which is usually performed under local anesthesia, your dentist will cut your gum and make a small hole in your jawbone to place the dental implant. Since the metal structure of the dental implant will serve as a tooth root, it connects deep in your bone and closes your gums with sutures. This process, which takes several months of healing, helps to provide a solid foundation for your new artificial tooth, just as the roots do for your natural teeth.
  4. Crown Placement: The crown is the only visible part of your 3-piece dental implant and the final form of your new tooth. You can choose the veneers that suit your budget from the materials that best suit your jaw structure and oral health.

Advantages of Implant Treatment in a Day

  • There is no image without teeth.
  • You can get a healthy tooth in a short time.
  • Your return to your daily life will be very fast.
  • There are no post-implant complaints.
  • Implant application covering a period of 6-12 months can be performed in 1 day.

Immediate Implants Prices

Since dental implants are a personalized application, their prices may vary depending on the material and clinic used. You can contact us to learn about our dental implant prices that are the most suitable and economical for you.