Time to smile beautifully with implant applications…

Implants, which have been an important treatment option for teeth deficiency in recent years, are new teeth made with the help of screws placed in the jawbone. Implants, which are the best solution for many teeth deficiency treatments, do not require any intervention to your solid teeth during tooth construction, unlike fixed or removable prostheses.

Why Implants?

Implants are reliable, robust and lifetime applications that provide comfort.

What are the advantages of implants?

  • When implants are applied in areas with missing teeth, they enable the placement of fixed bridges for the surrounding teeth.
  • Prostheses supported with implants can be prepared in cases of single loss, partial edentulism or complete edentulism.
  • Implants are placed in the mouth by maxillofacial surgeons under local anesthesia. The prosthesis is made after waiting 4-6 months for the upper jaw and 3 months for the lower jaw, for the bone to integrate the implant.
  • When there are too many missing teeth, implant prostheses can be applied as an alternative to the removable palate expanders.
  • It plays an important, helpful role in fixing the moving palates in the lower jaw of edentulous patients.

Why should you choose implants?

  • Implants replace your real teeth in the most natural way.
  • They are permanent thanks to their structure designed to be similar to your own teeth and fused with your bones.
  • They do not harm your teeth, gums or jawbones.
  • There is no need to cut your healthy teeth as in bridge treatment.
  • They have a lifetime durability with good care.
  • They prevent problems that can be seen in weak prostheses such as dentures sliding forward in the mouth, speech problems, tight-feeling prosthesis.
  • You will not have any chewing problems.
  • You get the chance to smile confidently.

Can dental implants be applied to everyone?

  • If your gums are healthy,
  • If your jawbone has a height and width to support the implant screw,
  • If your general health is good, there is no upper age limit for implants. Implants can be applied to anyone over the age of 18.

You can have your implants, which can be applied after waiting for the completion of bone development in young people, made only once and you can use it with different prostheses for years.

Those who smoke heavily, have uncontrolled chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, received radiation to the head / neck area for cancer treatment, and those with blood coagulation disorders must be evaluated.