Health tourism is the process of individuals who want to be treated in their own country, going to different countries and getting their treatment during a short travel time.

Especially in European countries, the health policy has been changed in recent years, unfortunately, the necessary payments for dental treatment cannot be made anymore or the removal of these funds from the insurance coverage has led to the spread of health tourism. Because citizens have started to turn to countries where they can have these treatments done in more economically convenient and better conditions.

How to do Oral and Dental Health Tourism

First of all, our patient needs to have a panoramic x-ray taken anywhere in his own country and send it to our physicians via e-mail. Our physicians examine your x-ray and prepare a treatment plan that will give you certainty in your diagnosis and treatment planning at the first physical examination. Along with this plan, it also gives you information about the financial statement and the average duration of treatment. The most suitable treatment plan for your treatment is presented with all alternatives. The most suitable one is decided by phone call or e-mail and the appointment date is determined. Our physicians can guide you about treatment according to your stay in Turkey. For example, for implant application, a healing period is required following the placement of the implant in the jawbone. For this reason, 2-3 months are expected, then the construction of the superstructure is accepted. Although the total time you will stay in Turkey is 1 week, your patient spends this waiting period in his own country. Since the mouth structure of each individual is different, we cannot give you information about the financial amounts and duration at the moment. Because at Dentasay, these alternatives are offered and the most suitable one for you is chosen by taking your opinion. At Dentasay, the planned treatment is explained to you down to the last detail. The treatment you approve is carried out with the utmost care.