Porcelain Laminates, the architect of a pleasant and natural smile

You can enjoy smiling with your own teeth with porcelain laminates, one of the indispensable applications of aesthetic dentistry. With Porcelain Laminates, which are specially prepared for your teeth in a laboratory environment and adhered to the front surface of your teeth by expert dentists in a few sessions, you can change the color and shape of your teeth and smile safely and have a brand new, healthy and natural smile.

Are you a suitable candidate for porcelain laminate application?

  • If you want the gaps between your teeth to be covered,
  • If there is incompatibility between the sizes of your teeth,
  • If your broken or cracked teeth need to be treated,
  • If you have slightly crooked teeth,
  • If your teeth have not reached the whiteness you want due to long-term antibiotic use, no matter what you do, and you want a permanent whiteness,
  • If you want your smile design to look more beautiful, we can definitely say that you are a suitable candidate for Porcelain Laminate application.

Why should you prefer Porcelain Laminates?


  • Porcelain Laminates are transparent and thin like natural tooth enamel, it does not reflect the light on your teeth and it looks natural.
  • Only a 0.3-1 mm tissue on the front surface of the tooth is treated for the procedure. There is no need to reduce the tooth all around, as with crowns.
  • Laminates are not affected by external factors such as cigarettes, tea and coffee that change the color of the teeth.
  • Since they do not contain metal, they do not cause a gray reflection on the gums.
  • After they are attached to your teeth, they become a natural part of your teeth. As long as you stay away from bad habits such as biting very hard foods with front teeth, nail biting, teeth grinding, you will not have any problems.

You can enjoy a pleasant smile with porcelain laminates by brushing your teeth regularly, as long as you use dental floss and do not miss your dental appointments.