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  • Veli C.
    I would like to thank Mr. Enver Selman and all the staff. During the treatment process, everything was very nice and enjoyable. The veneers I have made look like natural teeth, thank you again.
    Veli C.
  • Lokman K.
    Thank you, Selman, my teacher made 7 implants to your hands, and I did not have any pain during neither while nor after. Thank you very much to Selman and his staff.
    Lokman K.
  • Halil H.
    We came from Ümraniye on the recommendation of my wife's illness. Enver Selman Sümer, God bless, we provided our treatment quickly with his great interest. Thank you DENTASAY
    Halil H.
  • Güle C.
    Hello, my path to Dentasay happened by chance. Although I went for the first time, I was very pleased, thanks to my doctor Enver Selman, I got rid of my dental phobia. Now, my dentist, Mr. Enver, I thank him very much for his interest.
    Güle C.

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